More desktops.

Wow...I didn't think folks would start doing this so fast. First of all, I do want to say it wasn't my idea, that credit goes to Sam of madlife.net in Dallas, Texas, whose desktop looks like this:

I like it.

I've also updated my own desktop...on second thought, digital scales, hookah pipes, and lighters AREN'T what I'm all about right now. A huge stoner I am not. This is a picture I took of my sister Hilly when we went to go look at the Nela Park Christmas lights (although, much to my chagrin, they put white tape over the word "Christmas" on a sign that once read, "Christmas Display on Noble Road Only") at General Electric's Nela Park lighting research facility just down the road from where we grew up...to quote Hilly, it was "cold as balls" that night:

Now, Rigo over at Gravely Gay asked how you take a screen shot. Well, if you use a mac, you probably already know how to do that. For Windows users, you hold down the [alt] key and then hit the [prt scr/sysrq] key. If you've never heard of the [prt scr/sysrq] key, it's right next to the [F12] key at the top. After you hit those two keys simultaneously, an image of what your screen looks like is now on your clipboard. Next, you open MS Paint, hit [ctrl] and [v] at the same time, and bam...there ya go. Title it (preferrably your name or your blog name), save it as a .jpg (not a .bmp) and you're done. It's easy.

Even *I* can do it on this computer. And just for the record, I really want a G5 iMac running Mac OS X v10.4. All I need is $3,727 and I'll be in business. By no means am I a Microsoft Person. I abhore Windows. Windows is the bane of my existence. Windows raises my blood pressure and makes me scream on occasion. Windows has caused me to hurl objects into my laundry pile (less damage that way) and almost punch holes in my walls (I refrain, but I still want to). Windows once drove my friend Thomas here in San Francisco to literally heaving his computer out his bedroom window, where it smashed all over Larkin Street, scaring some tranny hookers in the process. Windows is shoddy, shitty software that is so full of security holes it looks like goddamn Swiss cheese. I am using Windows now because that's just how things turned out and will remain until I have saved up enough money for my Mac.


So I started getting images in my email and I lifted some off some other blogs. Ryan Aceto of San Francisco has a cool one. I had the pleasure of running into him last weekend at The Mix on 18th Street in the Castro (don't ask me what I was doing there...The Good Doctor had something to do with it). Not only is he cute (his smile will melt your heart), he's intelligent, witty, quite un-pc, irreverent, and clever. This is his desktop:

Large Tony, from the mountains of Eastern Tennessee, has a cool desktop...hmmm...that photo looks familiar. The fact that he has it as his desktop has totally made my entire year:

Next, we have the sultry southern belle, Ms. Sugarfoot Sara, of Biloxi, Mississippi (one of my favorite people):

Incredibly sexy Monsoux, the top dog of Romania (or not):

Slyder of Denver, Colorado, has a decidedly un-Colorado scene on his desktop:

Dennis, also in Denver:

Jade over in Franklin, Massachusetts, has a poignant story behind this image:

Trés gay STMF reader Joel P. emailed me this:

Darin, of All Prep & No H in Phoenix, Arizona, did not disappoint me...would you expect anything LESS gay than this from Darin? Honestly, now:

However, my absolute favorite I've saved for last here. It's from Chino over at ChonkyChinoChang, or just Chonky! for short. For one, that's probably the best blog URL I've seen in a long time...I laughed for about 5 minutes when I first logged onto his blog...and he has the best desktop I've ever seen. Of course it doesn't surprise me he's from Los Angeles. He also calls me "Chox" now. Chino, you have a fan up here in San Francisco...I like your style:

Keep them coming...this is fun. :-)

::: UPDATE :::

Good lord...they're pouring in now.

As soon as I posted this, my friend Chris C. here in San Francisco's beautiful Noe Valley sent me his desktop...those are his and his husband Don's kids, Oscar, Nemo, Unagi, and Homer:

My sister Hilly in Cleveland Heights, hanging out at my parents house today, sent me their desktop (Hilly controls what they have on their machine...she changes it all the time, and it's always a picture of her or with her in it). I love the fact that poor Hezeriah's face is covered with icons, yet Hilly's isn't:

And Michael Meadows up in Seattle, Washington...I so adore him (he just emailed me asking to make sure everyone knows he's the one on the right with lipstick all over his face...if you look closely you can see a little piece of Michael's nipple):

Big Red Dave down in Mountain View (between San Francisco and San Jose) has the giant rainbow flag that flies over the Castro...he snapped it himself during Pride 2004:

From the heart of Mid-America, St. Louis, Missouri, Jim of Jumpy Jumpy Vitamins (I love that blog title) sends me his desktop:

From New York's Long Island, Mike of Gay Man Walking sends me his desktop:

Andrew, a native Clevelander, who authors Confessions of A Slacker in Chicago, Illinois, has a photo of Edgewater Drive in Lakewood, Ohio, where he lived for ten years:

More to come? We shall see. :-)



I'm trying...I'm trying.

Hey...I guess it's been a while since I've updated. Well, I've tried. I really have. I made three 40+ minute podcasts...and three times the computer crashed and burned as it was rendering them...and I lost everything. Same goes with a bunch of photos I tried to upload onto this computer. However, since I am out of memory and my CD burner no longer functions, I have no choice but to either delete photos or music, neither of which I want to do. I can't even watch videos on here, which I normally don't care about but it's been making me batty ever since Secret Simon posted a video of himself that I can hear but not see.


Several times this week, I've come close to stomping my computer to pieces in a murderous rage, but since it's the only computer I have, save for the new one I bought that doesn't work (keeps shutting itself down for no reason and opening up programs and popping windows in my face when I don't touch it) my cooler-headed side prevailed and I just ended up going out and tripping old Chinese grandmothers in crosswalks and knocking ice cream cones out of the hands of children.

I feel better now, thank you.

Anyway, the photo above is part of a "photo meme" that Rotten Ryan was passing along. You take a screen shot of your computer desktop, and post it...it's supposed to tell a lot about you. Well, there's mine at the top there. Pretty much sums me up right now. Click on it if you want to make it bigger. I took the photo somewhere on Polk Street, I think. I kinda like Ryan's, actually...I think it says a lot about him:

Feel free to join in...if you want, I'll post them all here since I can't seem to post any of my own stuff for the time being.


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