greetings from rock springs, wyoming.

Hey, just a quick hello to everyone from the beautiful Flying J travel plaza in Rock Springs, Wyoming. It's actually a really cool town...even though it's sleeting a bit, and I am going to be driving to almost 9000 feet before getting to Nebraska.

The air is so thin here, the truck hardly has any power, and I sometimes find myself gasping for breath. I'm slowly getting used to it, though.

Nevada was so beautiful, as was Utah. If my camera wasn't broken, I'd have taken photos. Wyoming is absolutely stunning...I'd love to come back here later on in the year, driving a car that actually does well at altitude.

Gotta run...there's a surly-looking trucker behind me who wants to check his hotmail (he just told me to hurry up).


More later...



bad, bad, bad, bad, bad.

Oh, my god.

Oh my fucking god.

You know who you are...don't ever, ever, EVER call me again. You have destroyed any shred of trust I had in you. How dare you lie to me. Best of luck to you and your fucking crazy train.

Good riddance.


Wow...rereading that, I sure sound a bit melodramatic, don't I? Well, I was pissed when I wrote that. I was hurt. I felt like I had been kicked in the stomach.

And the tummy full of cocktails only added to the drama. Vodka+drama=an ugly mess.

However, I've had a day to mull over it...and to reflect upon what happened. I'm not going to get into it, other than to say someone I was good friends with, someone I trusted and loved, looked right into my eyes and lied to me not 3 days ago when I took him out to lunch. The ironic thing is I really didn't give two shits about what he was lying about; the fact that he lied to me, subsequently destroying my trust in him, is what I found so painful. Especially since this is the second time in 3 months someone I've loved dearly looked right into my eyes and lied to me.

Sigh...life goes on...the sun will rise tomorrow, and a new day shall begin. Like I've said before, this too, shall pass.

Next time, I need to simply walk away from my computer, and shut off my cellphone before I end up doing something really stupid.


I'll tell you what though, the friends I do trust have helped me through this, and kept me from thinking too much about it. Daigle promised he'd be cordial if he ever ran into the person in question. You never know what that boy will do to someone who hurts me...he's like a pitbull sometimes.

That's my buddy Gryph from San Jose...he came up today on Caltrain to come hang out with me and help me take my mind off things, and help me focus on things that DO matter.

Like the fact I totally forgot my friend Brent turned 30 yesterday. I'm an idiot...and I'm sorry, Brent.

I miss you, Brent.

Bleph. Feh.

I need to take another roadtrip to LA.



happy birthday, ryan!

That's my pal Ryan. I took that photo at the little party he and my friend Marcia used to throw called Rehab. Today, he's 29, and we're all going to be celebrating his birthday at Club VXN (Vixen) in North Beach, at the corner of Columbus and Broadway. It's a swanky, gorgeous new space...and only a block from my apartment.

Seriously, if you're upstairs at VXN you can see my building.

Ryan Robles...I can't think of anyone else who has his finger on the pulse of anything cool in San Francisco as much as he does, besides maybe Marcia. You want to know the latest, coolest, and best of anything? Just ask Ryan. Want to know the best places to hang out? Ryan will know. Want to know where all the beautiful people are? You can bet Ryan will be amongst them. Socialite, sex god, and fashionista.

That's Ryan.

He also has the most infectious, goofy, giggle-snort laugh I've ever heard. It's hysterical...once Ryan starts laughing about something, I start laughing and can't stop. Thing is, Ryan laughs at my laugh, so we basically double over and asphyxiate ourselves until someone comes along and waves poppers under our noses, or hands us fresh cocktails. Either or.

I would like to note that along with a hot little bod and a dazzling smile, he has an extremely bubbly, generous, luscious booty. Just thought I'd throw that little snack of info. :-)

Happy birthday Ryan...I'll see you in a few minutes. :-)




as promised

Well, here I am in Yosemite. For some reason, I look like I have a pot belly.

A cock on a rock, sans frock:

Closeup of that same photo, highlighting my extremely white skin:

Yosemite Valley:

Mirror Lake:

A peaceful scene (I wanted to just sit here for a while):

This was just so pretty:

I'll post more, but Picasa and Hello aren't getting along with my computer right now...if it was running any slower I swear I'd think I was using my old TRS-80 from 1985.

Feh...more photos later.

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