That's my sister Hillary, who has just assisted moving a friend from Cleveland to San Diego by driving a Range Rover across the country. From Day-go, she then drove up to Stockton, where she bid her friend adieu (who continued to Lake Tahoe), and I picked Hilly up in a nice rented Mitsubishi Galant.

I like those cars. I've rented them before.

So today, we went out to lunch at Lefty O'Doul's, where she showed me her best Donatella Versace impression:

Now, Adam is only staying in San Francisco until tomorrow morning, so we went out to get something to eat...I told them to strike the best Serious Muni Metro Pose they could possibly muster:

Of course, they couldn't hold it:

and Hillary started channeling Donatella again:

What a fun evening. :-)

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