support our troops

Do you remember back in May when I had that awesome weekend at the softball game with Daigle, and we ran into that hot Marine? You know, the 6'4" tall 200-pound block of solid muscle with the tree trunk legs? Well, that's him in the picture above. His name is Adam.

He came all the way to San Francisco from Camp Lejune, North Carolina to come visit me, which was really, really sweet of him. So, like any friendly San Franciscan, I took him down to Fisherman's Wharf (a mere 10-minute walk from my apartment), where we soaked up the warm San Francisco sunshine.

Now, today is my friend Julie's birthday. Julie is probably one of the most brilliant people I've ever met...brilliant in a Christopher Walken sort of way. She's a quirky little creature...just read her testimonial on my Friendster profile. Adam and I went shopping in Chinatown for her gifts, and we ended up buying a pack of 500 brightly colored plastic drinking straws (the flexible kind...you know, Big Girl Straws), a bright red doormat with WELCOME written on it in gold leaf Chinese characters, plastic freezer pop makers, and two ceramic bobble head dolls. The total came to less than $10.

And people wonder why I love Chinatown. Hey, it's not just for tourists, you know.

So we met Julie, along with my friends David and Aaron at Bocce in North Beach for her birthday, then to a new tapas bar on Grant Avenue. Julie loved her gifts...she was absolutely giddy.

I love her pork chop barette. Only Julie could wear something like that and make it look fabulous. You can see more of Julie's personality where she works...she's the webmaster of sanrio.com.

I tried to snap a picture of Adam, but as usual, he was being bashful.

He eventually relaxed and drank his wine like a good Marine.

One of Julie's friends had a new temporary tattoo:

Daigle stopped by (he lives on the same block) and showed all of us his new underwear.

And of course, he showed us his supple ass globes, like any self-respecting bottom.

So there you have it. Adam the Marine. Fisherman's Wharf. Straws and bobblehead dolls. Tapas. Boobs. Temporary tattos and Daigle's ass globes.

All in all, a pretty good day.

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