Where else but the Mission District could you buy a pair of sunglasses -- namely, the ones my sister Hillary has in these pictures -- for only $7.99? She was working those glasses for every cent they were worth.

We stopped at Puerto Alegre (546 Valencia between 16th and 17th for any SF locals who haven't been there) for a delicious $12 pitcher of margaritas and some guacamole, chips, and wet-style burritos. Yeah yeah, I know...Mission locals just love to deride the place. They say it's full of "hipsters" and the food isn't "authentic" but I love the margaritas, I love the burritos, and I also love it when the mariachis wander in and sing Neil Diamond songs en Español.

Soy, dije. Y nadie oyó en absoluto, no hasta la silla.

Besides, I hardly qualify as a "hipster" ...whatever that means. We were totally working those glasses, and we didn't take them off when we sat down at Puerto Alegre:

Now, those glasses were $7.99 each, but two pairs for $14. So I picked out a pair of Jackie-O's for myself. Brechi commented a few posts back that I should post a picture of myself on this blog. Well, I don't take very many pictures of myself, and the ones I DO take, or other people take, usually turn out so awful I don't even want to look at them. I especially dislike posting photos of myself in my blog. However, after sending Brechi this photo via AIM (he was the first one besides me to see that photo), he convinced me to post it here.

So here you go, Brechi. Me. Looking ragged and scruffy this past Friday afternoon, while talking on the phone to Hillary...who has been back in Cleveland for about a week now:

Gawd. I hadn't shaved that day. My hair was doing a funky f'auk thing, even though it didn't look like that when I left the house. I was actually in a good mood, even though I appear to be scowling.

I do like my sunglasses, though.

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