four times. aww yeah.

i was just noodling through the best of craigslist, and to my surprise, my free oatmeal giveaway, along with the photo illustrations i took, made the "best of" list.

yay! that makes FOUR POSTS of mine in that section.

four. wow.

let's review:

the first one, from thursday, december 13, 2001, was posted after drinking some of the strongest coffee i have ever had. at the time, i was working at the stormy leather factory in the accounting department, down in the gritty, somewhat scary, pitbull and burned-out car infested bayview/hunter's point district. i bought the coffee at one of those taco trucks that roam the neighborhood. trust me, they're the safest bet. i miss working there, though. i got to dress like this when i went to work:

the second one, from friday, march 22, 2002, was in response to something that really pissed me off while riding the n-judah that morning. i really did trip that kid. this particular post resulted in my in-box jammed with over 700 e-mails from bbw's all over the world. i actually knew a few of them, and they had no idea it was me who wrote that.

for illustrative purposes, here's a picture i took on the n-judah one night:

the third one, from tuesday, july 1, 2003, was in response to a woman who asked, "am i out of line for not returning a call to some guy who called my cellphone 27 times in an hour?" i composed it with my laptop while sitting on the toilet one morning totally half-asleep (i love wireless internet). i hadn't even had my coffee yet. scary.

now, if you're wondering who terilyn joe is after reading that post, she was a news anchor here on KGO-TV channel 7, later moving to KNTV-TV channel 11 in san jose. she had HUGE hair, LOTS of makeup, and looked like a scary drag queen half the time. i loved her. but she eventually fell from grace after angrily throwing eggs and tomatoes at maintenance workers removing ivy from her russian hill apartment building.

no, really. it happened. i do miss her, though.

this was her official KGO staff photo:

of course, after her little stunt she pulled, she was fair game for anything. i present to you, makeover fun with terilyn joe!!! it's from metroactive.com:

oh terilyn, where have you gone?



At 18:36, Blogger jdubbs said...

Brilliant. All of them.

At 06:26, Blogger Brechi said...

wow four times....maybe one more and then you can retire in glory? ;)

At 12:59, Blogger hidden said...

CONGRATS stud ! I added ya to the Blogs I Read section on my site. Thanks for adding me :)

At 22:46, Blogger Steve said...

Yes... where has she gone? *Peers curiously over to my closet*

At 07:53, Blogger Matthew said...

You went from hilarious to heartwarming and back again. Excellent.


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