happy thanksgiving!

here's an old picture i found...my mom, age 24, and my dad, age 28. the occasion: thanksgiving, 1971. the place: our tiny two-bedroom post world war-II brick house on east 256th street in euclid, ohio, 3 years before we moved to cleveland heights. i was still an only child, my sister heather was still 9 months into the future, and my sister hillary...almost four years away. the neighborhood may have been humble...mostly older, working-class slovenian folks, but my parents stood out as the youngest, most stylish couple on the street.

mom, you go with that outfit. dad, love the shirt and tie.

you both rocked then, and you both rock now. happy thanksgiving. i love you both.




At 19:05, Blogger hidden said...

Very cute pic ! They did look very hip. Happy Thanksgiving stud !!!

At 10:38, Blogger Kirkkitsch said...

What a great picture. What a good-looking couple. Very retrolicious. Thanks for sharing!

Hope your Thanksgiving was a happy one!

At 11:46, Blogger Dantallion said...

Great pic. And I know this is not necessarily what a kid wants to hear, but you Mom is pretty hot.

Happy thanksgiving.

At 16:11, Blogger Neil said...

and ya dad was pretty hot as well...:)

happy thanksgiving

At 08:08, Blogger krenneke said...

Who took the photo?

At 22:03, Blogger Tina said...

Something is funky about this photo. Are you sure this isn't some postcard you got that you attached a personal story behind? ;p If not, then your parents are indeed a striking couple and I envy everything in the picture including the turkey.

At 23:21, Blogger krenneke said...

strange... what do you find to 'envy' in this picture?

At 23:51, Blogger Firegirl said...

I was just checking different sites... i must say i really liked yours. i wish i could say more...but its akward leaving posts on sites for the first time...so i'll stop now before i sound like a fool.

At 00:11, Blogger Chox said...

hey everyone...in response to everyone here:

matthew, kirkkitsch, dantallion, and neil, thanks for the kudos. my folks were a beautiful couple back then...they still are. they're one of those couples that can have a conversation with each other without uttering a syllable. i can't think of anyone else more in love with each other. they're the one stable thing in my life...consider the fact they've had the same address and phone number since 1974.

krenneke, i think my aunt (mom's sister) took the photo. she was visiting from chicago at that time.

tina, trust me, it's a real photo. it's one of those thick old polaroids...not the kind with the white strip at the bottom, more like a post card. i scanned it last year the same time i scanned these photos.

as far as tina envying anything in the photo, i'd say the electric griddle, the electric knife, the bottle of pink dishwashing liquid, the dinette set, the spice rack, and the potholder in the lower right hand corner (a wedding gift from 1968) are pretty enviable things.

well, maybe not. but i wish they still had those things. i'd have them all here in san francisco.

and xxFiregirlxx, there's no reason to feel awkward here, consider my blog a nice place to relax and lounge a while...read a bit, look at pictures, browse links...it's like a comfy little basement cocktail lounge with ashtrays and big bowls of crunchy snacks and a cool hi-fi in the corner. i read through your blog as well, and this line caught my eye:

"There is no place where I fit. I don’t belong anywhere."

babe, i'm so with you. i'd say i was a square peg, but i don't even fit in the square holes. maybe i'm more of a rhombus, who knows? either way, i'm a total weirdo geek nerd freak.

just ask my boyfriend.



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