just in case you ever wondered what the bathroom at kimo's on polk street ever looked like, look no further:

just a little self-portrait i made.

more to be added to this post a little later...think drunk trannies, a mortician, more drunk trannies, and some tweakers.

gotta love lower polk street.



At 00:07, Blogger Tina said...

Hi, I moved my journal again [ex-work found out and I don't want them to report me to the EDD for bragging about how I'm riding the unemployment ride] so yeah, I moved again.

You, yes you, have inspired me to get a digital camera so I can be a little camwhore like you, BUT since I have no money, I'm thinking of adding some OT at my usual corner, I'm sure to get one end of year. [Or I guess I can always ask Daddy for one for Xmas...]

At 13:06, Blogger Andrew said...

Whoa! Someone needs to get Trading Spaces all up in that bitch. LOL


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