put into perspective.

today, approximately 12:45 pm, i was walking down polk street, grumbling and grousing to myself.

i felt like crap because of the flu shot i got yesterday (i lucked out and won a lottery), my calves were aching from the gym, everyone was annoying me, i ordered chai tea and ended up getting a chai latte, even though i specifically said "CHAI TEA. NOT A CHAI LATTE. PLAIN CHAI TEA," yet still got the latte, some fucking cunt whore bitch pulled all the way across a crosswalk with her fucking bmw, forcing me to almost get clipped by a muni bus as i walked around her shitmobile, it was raining, my nose was running, i had no kleenex so i had to do a bike messenger blow on the sidewalk (did i mention i'm real classy?), i felt like i had to fart but couldn't, the stupid fucking bagel shop was out of salt bagels, and i had to pee.

suddenly, while crossing vallejo street at polk, i stopped growling for a second and actually looked up.

i grinned, both inside and out, and then the day didn't seem so bad anymore.

and people wonder why i carry my digital camera with me everywhere i go.



At 19:38, Blogger Tina said...

*HUGS* your pictures are flipping awsome...and sorry you no feel good, i no feel good too. [I was at the post office today with no kleenex so I revert back to the snot nose punk rawk girl that I was and wiped my nose on the sleeve of my hoody] Glad to know that I'm not the only classy person around.

At 05:57, Anonymous Anonymous said...

lonestarsteve said :: f*cking incredible photos! i need to carry my digital with me more often. keep spotting those rainbows, chad.

At 07:11, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Please tell me you don't have climb that entire hill to get home.

At 07:40, Blogger Dantallion said...

Brilliant. I love moments like that.

At 08:43, Blogger rich said...

perfect... absolutely perfect. (smiles)

At 09:05, Blogger Neil said...

somewhere over the rainbow....love the shot...not sure bout all the snorting, snuffling, farting and peeing tho...gross ;)

At 10:30, Blogger jdubbs said...

Hill? What hill?

Clearly, anonymous ain't no native.

At 15:36, Blogger Nathan said...

Chad you are the most beautiful man I know. NEVER EVER ASK MW WHY AGAIN!!! This blog entry plus that picture just says it all. I only wish I could see life through your eyes.



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