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ever wonder what our current terror level is? i sure do. in fact, i often fret before walking out my front door not knowing if i'm supposed to simply walk down the street carefree with a bounce in my step, or glower at everyone and look suspiciously at shifty-eyed cabdrivers like this one:

so i've added a new feature to my blog here in the sidebar, a terror alert indicator, now available at geekandproud.net.

in this day and age, it's important, no, critical to keep updated on our current terror level. at least that's what the united states government wants us to think. now, what exactly we're supposed to do during increased terror levels is murky at best, but if the government says it's important, then goddammit It Just Must Be So. however, i don't think we should all be running around scared and suspicious of everyone and everything, so why not put a muppet face on that terror level, huh?

today's terror level is:

Terror Alert Level

now that's not so bad, is it?

and for future reference...that's about as political as i'm ever gonna get on this blog. i figure, i'm nobody important, so why the hell would i want to spout my political views when i can just laugh at, take pictures of, and blog about stupid stuff that happens to me every day?

like for instance, this picture i took of dr. phil at the church street muni station. i laughed all the way to montgomery street.



At 03:42, Blogger Steve said...

The Terrifying Terrorists of Terror-Terror Level: Bert, with scattered evening media-fueled bioterror panics. Funny post... and the Dr. Phil photo, too. I'm not sure where I found your blog, but here I am, so there ya go.

At 19:07, Blogger hidden said...

love the picture sexy

terror level hey ? very cool

growing your hair out too ? awesome

At 13:44, Blogger nique said...

hi! i found you through multiple clicks through links on others' blogs. i've read most of your posts, which i rarely do. anyway, thanks for amusing me!


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