on tuesday night at trannyshack, i saw the unthinkable. juanita more, at heklina's encouragement, eating out a boy's butt on stage. i was horrified...shocked...and also, incredibly amused. it was only for a second, but it happened. ladies and gentlemen, it made trannyshack history. so i sent her an e-mail.

me: hello juanita...it was good seeing you on tuesday. it was even better seeing what you did on stage...heklina can talk and talk about eating ass all she wants, but you delivered. now my life is complete.

juanita: chad, your life will not be complete until i eat out your ass.

tee-hee-hee...i love juanita. :-)



At 21:24, Blogger jdubbs said...

Well my life ain't gonna be complete till I eat out your ass, either. But you aren't professing your undying love for me, now are you?

At 16:52, Blogger . said...



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