another dilemma

today when i got home, there were two pieces of paper, stapled together, lying in front of my apartment door. turns out it's a memo from two location managers from DreamWorks productions. apparently, they want to use my street, part of my block, and my apartment building in an upcoming movie titled, "if only it were true" ...due out next summer. it's starring ron bass, peter tolan, leslie dixon, mark ruffalo, and reese witherspoon (i googled it). it's the story of a man (mark ruffalo) who falls in love with a ghost (reese witherspoon) living in his apartment.

sounds like a real scream.

get it? scream? ghost?

aw, fuck it.

anyway, there is this little form attached to it that i need to fill out, basically saying i'm okay with the filming and could i please fax it back to them?

so should i be a dickhead and say "NOT IN MY BACKYARD!" (even though i don't have one) or should i be cool, promote the finally recovering film industry in san francisco?

oh why the hell not. sure. besides, i've always thought reese witherspoon is such a cutie anyway.



At 16:54, Blogger hidden said...

Hey stud,

sounds like fun
tell them you want a part in it

anyhow, happy saturday

hey email me.....i wanna chat river7@canada.com

At 04:21, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I read on another blog via BE that they have already start the shoot... or was he talking about another movie.... hmm I guess we are recovering.

:: Mona ::


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