my life is so boring

when you compare it to my friend scott redwood in alexandria, virginia.

Bootysquad703: sugarbear
Chadfoxdotcom: hi there
Bootysquad703: OMG you missed a WILD night
Bootysquad703: My friend Matt and his BF Mike asked me to go out with them last ngiht, and so being the good friend that i am i said yes
Chadfoxdotcom: ok
Bootysquad703: we were going to Nations (its a dance club here)
Bootysquad703: anyway Matt shows up but mike baild
Bootysquad703: So I drive us to DC and we get there earleir then I thought, because i figured it would take time to find a parking spot
Bootysquad703: so we go into JR's which is a bar (reminds me of a bar in the Castro)
Bootysquad703: I order us drinks and go to pay for htem and this guy next to me says "put it on my tab" lol
Bootysquad703: So I thank him and we drink our drinks then I get us a cab to go to Nations
Bootysquad703: we get there at 9:30 but the club doesn't open until 10:00 so we go to KFC lol
Chadfoxdotcom: KFC...because popeye's is too high-falutin for you, right?
Bootysquad703: we walk in and we are the only white people. Everyone is BLACK and in full thug gear,
Chadfoxdotcom: OMG
Bootysquad703: LOL so i order me some popcorn chicken lol and we sit down lol they have James Taylor music playing lol
Bootysquad703: so at this point were already freaked out
Chadfoxdotcom: james taylor playing in a thug joynt?
Bootysquad703: lol yeah go figure
Chadfoxdotcom: well, from what i understand, james taylor has quite the following in many thug circles. he sings "you've got a friend" then busts a cap in your ass. i wouldn't fuck with him.
Bootysquad703: So anyway we go back to the club and get in, I again order us some drinks and matt hands the bartender 20.00 lol she hands him 20.00 back
Bootysquad703: So we're like sweet another free round of drinks
Bootysquad703: so we go back and order more, and ask how much and she says they're free till 11
Bootysquad703: So you know me lol i drank up :)
Bootysquad703: So i got really shit faced and started dancing and took my shirt off, was flriting with everyone and groping people
Bootysquad703: ended up going over to a table where they were selling porn and I picked a video out and said "hey this is my video i'm in this one" lol
Bootysquad703: So then this 6ft tall drag queen who is the owner starts talking to me lol
Chadfoxdotcom: wait...you did a porn?
Bootysquad703: I grab matt and we go outside, and this white stretch limo pulls up
Bootysquad703: the window goes down and i poke my head in and say hi lol
Chadfoxdotcom: oh god...once the white stretch limo enters the picture if can only mean trouble
Bootysquad703: So there is a black man and a black woman inside and they ask me about the club
Bootysquad703: I said i thought it sucked but i'm from los angeles anyway so i'm biased
Bootysquad703: she tells me to get in so i did and i got matt to go with me,
Bootysquad703: so we go riding around dc in a limo with 2 black people and we're talking about all sorts of things, and they have a bar in the limo so i'm drinking more
Bootysquad703: then they start snorting all this cocaine and offer us some
Bootysquad703: the limo stops and me and the black dude get out and go piss lol and we're like right in the open where everyone can see us lol
Chadfoxdotcom: did you take any cocaine?
Bootysquad703: I don't think so, but maybe who knows
Chadfoxdotcom: oh...you were THAT drunk
Chadfoxdotcom: i see
Chadfoxdotcom: go on
Bootysquad703: So then the black dude starts hitting on me LOL and then the girl calls for him so we get back into the limo
Bootysquad703: then she starts hitting on me lol
Chadfoxdotcom: oh no
Chadfoxdotcom: what was matt doing at this point?
Bootysquad703: Then I told the driver to take us to my car and they did and we went home, but man I am still feeling it
Bootysquad703: matt was all freaked out by the night and sitting in the corner wonder what the hell he got himself into with me
Bootysquad703: lol
Chadfoxdotcom: so...was there any nookie in the limo?
Bootysquad703: no
Bootysquad703: but I jsut spoke with matt and he said they picked us up becasue she wanted to see me play with her man
Bootysquad703: LOL
Bootysquad703: and to beat it all, the man is married with kids, but that girl in the limo was his mistress
Chadfoxdotcom: oh god...
Bootysquad703: lol
Chadfoxdotcom: and yet we're a danger to traditional marriage.
Bootysquad703: LMAO
Bootysquad703: I miss you boo, you should have been with me
Chadfoxdotcom: i would have loved to have ridden around with you, snorting cocaine with those philanderers in a white stretch limo
Bootysquad703: you know you would
Chadfoxdotcom: well...maybe a little
Bootysquad703: :-*
Bootysquad703: plus when you and i get together its like a force of nature :)
Chadfoxdotcom: OMG i know
Bootysquad703: no one is safe
Bootysquad703: lol
Chadfoxdotcom: it's like a controlled catastrophic car accident
Chadfoxdotcom: we leave a trail of death and destruction yet remain unscathed ourselves
Bootysquad703: So i had 5 vodka and cranberry, 1 alabama slammer, 1 long island, 2 sea breezes, 1 michelob ultra, and pinch of cocaine all last night
Chadfoxdotcom: oh...you took it easy, then?
Bootysquad703: yeah
Bootysquad703: went light on the liver
Chadfoxdotcom: LOL...your liver is your best friend
Bootysquad703: it hates me right now lol



At 21:11, Blogger hidden said...

Thanks for sharing that. It was awesome. Really it sounds like a normal night out in the big ATL. Hope your weekend was well hottie and have a super duper kinda week. Too high falutin....lol. Love it. They coulda hit Chick Fi-la.


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